Idealistic thoughts about Seneca Pride at Seneca College.

Seneca Pride

Ashton Deroy writes: As we stated before we are going to start doing some regular blogging for Seneca Pride’s forum here. When I first came to Seneca Pride we were talking about how we could making our group more visible at Seneca College. 

Since then I got our website up,  Melissa Ronson has gotten us indexed with Seneca’s Student federation, and we have developed events plans. 

Perceptions at Seneca College

As far as the Business students go they are all pretty on board and happy the college has an LGBTQ group. However I would like to see more people excited for this group to exist. 

A fellow business student suggested that if Seneca had a gay bar this might generate more excitement for the group. I like that idea, but to execute it better we are going to do LGBTQ events. 

Connecting within the college

I would love it personally if we were more connected with the LGBTQ fashion students, Cosmetics students and etc. 

We have a lot of technological and Library students in the group & Business students. We’d like to see more diversified programs in the group as well to promoted all variances of thinking towards lgbtq issues, events and etc. 

What I like about the group

To start our leader Melissa Ronson is taking us in all of the right directions. She is respectful to institutions, various cultures and our group’s autisti-queer members. 

(autisi-queer: a term autistic people in the queer community call themselves, an example of this is the web master Ashton Deroy

We could of easily became do nothing “Social Justice Warriors”. Preaching against discrimination and trying to break down the system. 

Instead we are a rational LGBTQ group with a very rational leader in Melissa Ronson who wants to grow the group without being too obnoxious. I feel like this is the right direction for the group. 

I like the direction of helping LGBTQ positive charities, supporting fashion, and being apart of Toronto Pride formally. 

I feel like in the past I have seen Queen’s University Pride in Kingston sensationalize LGBTQ+ issues and attack their community. What that actually does within the community is diminish the importance of our causes. 

To conclude it is a great time to be in Seneca Pride. We are heading in positive Queer directions with perceptions, we have goals to connect in the college and our leader Melissa Ronson is a very promising figure head. 

LGBTQ+ Fitness

LGBTQ Fitness

Queer fitness.png


Ashton Deroy Writes: I understand some of Seneca’s LGBTQ+ community’s reluctance to use the fitness centre at times. 4:00pm to 7:00pm I am in the gym Seneca Newnham campus if you want to work out with a friend to feel safe, unjudged and etc. I attend the kickboxing classes on Tuesday. 

The best thing this group can do for Seneca College is make the LGBTQ+ community feel safe and welcome to access all parts of the school. I want to do my part to help with that as an LGBTQ+ person who uses the gym frequently. 

Email Ashton Deroy at and I will know to look out for you at the gym. 🙂 

Kickboxing class.png


Next meeting details in full

Out & About meeting.png

Ashton Deroy says: Hey readers, the next LGBTQ Seneca Out & About meeting is November 10th 2016 on Newnham campus. Room B1083 From 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Be there to hangout with cool queer people at Seneca College. There will also be FREE Pizza and drink available at the next meeting.