Come Join us we are Marching in the Toronto Pride Parade Toronto - Seneca NH Pride - Final-2


Ashton Writes: I just wanted to add Stephanie & Melissa’s post. Yes we want the Seneca Pride people who are comfortable with it to join us at the Pride Parade. We also want to encourage people to keep in touch over the summer time so here is some stuff we have going on. 


The picture below links to the Rainbow League Facebook group: 

Rainbow league.png


Get in contact with Melissa or Stephanie to join that group. Links to their Facebook profiles in their pictures. 






Also thank you to Stephanie who has for now taken care of the domain name change on the website. It was driving me crazy having the wrong name on the website but now our communications are much more unified. If you want to communicate anything on the website feel free to contact either Stephanie or Melissa now. They have both been trained on putting together blog posts & managing the website. 

If you are at Seneca King Campus, get in touch with Cleo Phil who will help you over there. I want to unify the Pride groups more in the fall. I will look to work with Cleo more on that in the future. 



Meeting tonight

Seneca Pride meeting.png

We have a Seneca Pride meeting tonight. 

Last meeting we had a really cool talk about our name change and moving forward with Seneca Pride. 

Make sure you check out this message for from the president at Seneca College.

SSF President.png

Right now Ashton Deroy is working with Anita who is running to be events coordinator with Student Seneca Federation to help with event promotion in the future. 


Student Federation Page

Seneca Pride, Student Federation team.

Click colored names to contact. 

Melissa  President of Seneca Pride.

Stephanie -Vice President of Seneca Pride

Deepan– Secretary of Seneca Pride 


President, Vice President, and Secretary of Seneca Pride 🌈

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To contact Ashton Deroy, click his underlined name. 

Check out the Seneca Pride constitution Google Doc. Click the Picture below:

Seneca Pride constitution.png

Student Federation Page

Indexed in the Student Federation website at Seneca College

Newnham Pride.png

Click the PNG above to connect with the Seneca College Student Federation page. 

Personal message from Web Administrator (Ashton Deroy

Thank you Melissa and Stephanie for submitting our group to the Student Federation of Seneca College.You can click their underlined names to link and conversation with our president Stephanie and Vice President Melissa on Facebook. We are also pending the release of the secretary’s information. Also you can connect with the secretary Deepan