Student Development credits

Context: Ex Seneca Library Information tech student Catherine Menchions actually suggested this page. While I am still the web master of Seneca Newnham Pride I am going to make sure we have a page that recognizing contributing student members of Seneca Newnham Pride.

At the bottom of the page there is instructions to add a name to the list. We are open to adding names of people who contributed in any way to meetings, the website and web content on the page, and getting us to Toronto Pride. Members are welcome to write their own summary of contributions or re-write just as long as they remain a factual representation for their contributions. This is the Student Development credits page. If we want to recognize faculty, community and or other contributors we can work around an idea for that.

Stephanie Bagley

Vice President and Head of Creative


Stephanie was essential in re-vamping the website with the current web domain and handling creative going in to Toronto Pride 2017. She still continues to do work and communicate to the group in 2018. Stephanie was briefly the head of the group as well. However her best work in the group came objectively when she took over the creative and handled the design elements for Seneca Pride.

Melissa Ronson

President of Seneca Pride head of admin, finance and promotion


Melissa was the driving force in taking control of Out & about and shifting it in Seneca Pride. She handled all of administration work in order to get Seneca’s LGBTQ group to Pride.

Tushar Jain

Vice President and head of creative


Tushar Jain took over creative for the group in 2018 and is an active member in approving communications. Even though his work has just began we love the personality he brought to the group for the rainbow cupcake decorating booth.


Catherine Menchions

Creative design & Pitch


Catherine Menchions was apart of the initial pitch for Seneca Pride’s website. She helped with the first logo draft, Website user experience and was an essential part of the group committing to a website. Her work in many ways laid the ground work for what would become the Vice President’s position in 2016.


Ashton Deroy

Website Manager, Secretary


Ashton drafted the first draft website with Catherine. Then worked with a mix of Selena, Melissa, Stephanie, Deepan and Tushar to help organize Seneca Pride.


Deepan Play



Deepan was essential registering the Seneca Pride group in 2016. He helped manage the group with the SSF team of Stephanie and Melissa. He also sometimes playfully made fun of people for eating pizza at the meetings.


Selena Pondthip Luangduangsuthidet

Social Media Management


Selena is a cool story she is a journalist, YouTube vlogger and associated with CityTv. When she was in Seneca Newnham Pride she gave social media advice, and almost was the president of the group. Selena now currently  has moved on to better things but it will always be exciting to remember her work at Seneca with the Bell LetsTalk campaign, social media setup and for making Pride a musical place.



Want to add a name to this list? Use our format and let me know their contributions and we will add them. Email