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Ashton Deroy Writes: We are truly oppressed when we as a people do not use our voices to talk about concerns of our group in society. In February 2017 I mentioned to Melissa that we could turn our website in to an LGBTQ forum and she seemed up for it. 

If anyone wants to submit an article 500 words minimum for the website. You can email , you can choose to Omit your name from articles or use a pen name (within reason) but please use an email address for conversation purposes. 



Feb. 23 2017

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There is a Seneca Newnham Pride meeting tonight room E1401. Ashton Deroy says ” I will only be there for the start of the meeting at 5:00pm then I am going to my kickboxing class. If you need anything featured on the website please email me using the contact forum below.” 

LGBTQ+ Fitness

LGBTQ Fitness

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Ashton Deroy Writes: I understand some of Seneca’s LGBTQ+ community’s reluctance to use the fitness centre at times. 4:00pm to 7:00pm I am in the gym Seneca Newnham campus if you want to work out with a friend to feel safe, unjudged and etc. I attend the kickboxing classes on Tuesday. 

The best thing this group can do for Seneca College is make the LGBTQ+ community feel safe and welcome to access all parts of the school. I want to do my part to help with that as an LGBTQ+ person who uses the gym frequently. 

Email Ashton Deroy at and I will know to look out for you at the gym. 🙂 

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Meeting tonight

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We have a Seneca Pride meeting tonight. 

Last meeting we had a really cool talk about our name change and moving forward with Seneca Pride. 

Make sure you check out this message for from the president at Seneca College.

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Right now Ashton Deroy is working with Anita who is running to be events coordinator with Student Seneca Federation to help with event promotion in the future.