The 519 Guest speakers, challenging homophobia and transphobia. March 15th 5:00pm

Seneca Out & about says: Join us in conversation with The 519 on challenging homophobic/transphobic language & behaviors Thursday 15th March 208 Newnham Campus, Room E2445, 5 – 7 pm
Ashton Deroy says ” I am really happy we are actually getting a guest speaker on an issue of this magnitude. In the education and the workplace we still see many issues of homophobia and transphobia. Hate crimes are still prevalent to all members of the community and 65% of hate crimes are violent in nature which is frightening. Earlier this year I was dead set on the fact that if I was going to Church Street I would go with a friend because I would not feel safe their alone. That is a problem. Below I wrote a political studies essay on limiting free speech in cases of hate speech. Please check it out and comment, it is some of my best work.”
According to Eagle “16% of hate crimes in Canada in 2010 were motivated by sexual orientation, and 65% of those were violent in nature. By comparison, 34% of hate crimes motivated by race or ethnicity were violent, and 17% of those motivated by religion were violent.”

Ashton’s free speech versus hate speech essay -click the link and please read 🙂

Check out the 519 website, click the picture link below:

The 519


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