Bell #LetsTalk, ItgetsBetter project & next meeting details


Selena and Ashton.jpg

Ashton Deroy writes: I saw out & about’s Selena working the Bell #LetsTalk Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign. For those who don’t know Selena is doing some amazing work in Social media, Press and other digital channels. Click her underlined name above to link with her on Facebook.  Keep up with this woman because she is going to successful places in life. 


Bell #LetsTalk will be added as a resource on the website as well. Today to participate in the campaign I wrote a myth about mental health. I decided to write that “It is a myth that only broken people see counselors.” For myself personally I have high anxiety with all the responsibilities I have taken on. However I consider myself to be potentially very successful pending the right sell and I am now seeing a counselor at the college. 

It gets better project.png

We also have the It Gets Better project linked to the menu of our website. This project was started in 2010 by Dan Savage in an effort to combat the issue of Gay Suicide in the United States. 


Melissa also has some ideas for the group. Click the PNG below to link to her Google Document:

  1. Melissa's ideas.png


Meeting details 

Out about meeting.png

Want to include something on the website? Leave Ashton Deroy the web administrator and email below, or click his underlined name because as always it links to his Facebook page. 






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