From a struggle to the art of beauty.


Written by Kim NG

In your own words can you tell me about your journey from being LGBTQ to getting involved with the beauty industry?

I came out when I was 13, dating my first girlfriend in Hong Kong at the time. I can clearly recall the arguments and opposition from my family. As a lesbian in an Asian family, the typical protocol was to financially cut you off in hopes that the communistic approach would work in their favor. Instead of dwelling in their hatred and negativity, I turned to my passion; art. I asked myself a lot of hard questions at the time and in hindsight I think the most crucial one was: “What can I do to be myself and be happy?”

I love interacting with people, art and making people look their best; Hairdressing is my passion.

Any big names or companies worth mentioning involved with the event?

Seneca Helix have a supporting partner me with my company The ideation of the event came about from the vision of Beaut; to help beauty professionals communicate and expand their network and clientele.

What do you hope the plans are for this event?

By creating a community in and around this industry we hope to provide a safe and supportive space for beauty artists to learn, collaborate and grow together. Our first event on Dec 5 will be a welcoming meet and greet, in the future there will be key-note speakers and workshops on relevant topics focused on beauty and business.

What is your role with the event?

I am the organizer and host of this event and I would love for any feed backs.

Why should LGBTQ people be passionate about this event?

Where can I be part of this?

Join Group:

RSVP for event:


Kim NG's event.png

December 5th Toronto Beauty Pro Networking event Seneca College.

Cosmetics/hair-styling and etc have always been one of the cliche professions of the LGBTQ community. If you are into beauty and you want to meet some promising businesses in hair, nails and cosmetics. Check out the event above, thank you Kim NG for getting interactive with Out & about. Click the picture above to read more details on this event. 

Message Kim Ng for more details here: 



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